Inspection & Testing

Our mission is to source and deliver electronic components that you can depend on.  As part of our purchasing verification process, VRG Components can arrange for selected third party testing houses to perform the following inspections & tests:

  • Product Authentication
  • Microscopy Inspection
  • Resistance-to-solvents Marking Permanency Test (MPT)
  • Chemical Solvent and Heated Chemical Test (HCT) for Resurfacing
  • Dimension Verification
  • Decapsulation and Die Verification
  • Real-Time Digital X-Ray Imaging
  • XRF Spectro-analysis and RoHS Testing
  • Solderability Testing for BGA and non-BGA packages
  • Electrical Parametric and Functionality Testing
  • Electrical Testing at Temperature Range
  • Functional, Diagnostic, and Stress Testing (for PC products)
  • End-Of-Life and Obsolete Technologies
  • Tape & Reel and full Packaging Services

VRG Components strives to provide the highest possible level of product quality to our customers and we stand behind every product we sell.  Our goal is to consistently meet and exceed your requirements and expectations.