Looking for a hard-to-find electronic component?  VRG Components sources components from hundreds of manufacturers.  Click on the brand name and use the search bar to find the part you require.  You can also view our line card.

Our most popular manufacturers include:

We offer components from additional connector manufacturers including but not limited to:

We provide components from many other manufacturers including but not limited to:

Keep Your Plant Running

We meet your most demanding sourcing requirements in today’s constantly changing market.

Worldwide Distribution

We source parts from well over 500 manufacturers. We find what your typical distributor can't.

Quality Certified Processes

We carefully vet our suppliers & verify component authenticity so you receive exactly what you expect.

Extensive Quality Control

Our AS9120B / ISO 9001:2015 certifications set VRG apart from others - in the best way possible.

50+ Years of Experience

This gives us the widest and most reliable global electronic components distribution network.

Easily Reachable

Our team is available to you based on your time zone so you can always reach us.